Long take follow-up

This article by film scholar David Bordwell is a detailed critical discussion of the purposes and uses of the long take.

The following is a compilation of long takes from Children of Men:

Children of Men - every shot 45 seconds or longer from Refocused Media on Vimeo.

 And here is a feature on how the long takes were accomplished:


Here are links to the excerpts we watched in class: Russian Ark (1 & 2), Big Night, Citizen Kane, The Long Good Friday, Birdman, and Children of Men

Nicole's short film

Here is the film that Nicole screened at the Academic Excellence Showcase. The theme for the course was "landscape." Students made a film a week for about seven weeks before getting about  a month to work on a final project. This was Nicole's second film of the term. Each film was meant to enact or demonstrate a particular theory of landscape. You can see all of the films here.

J.B. Jackson Portlantopia from nlongoria08 on Vimeo.

Geography & Film and the Academic Excellence Showcase

Many of you will have classes canceled for the Academic Excellence Showcase on R 5/29, but, in return, will also be expected to attend a certain number of sessions in place of going to class.

At 9:00 am in ITC 211 I will be moderating a session titled, "Short Films on Landscape from GEOG 386." This session features films made to enact different theoretical approaches to landscape by students from my Making Digital Video for the Social Sciences course in Fall 2013.

Go to the full schedule

Jim Jarmusch on Netflix & Hulu

There are a number of Jim Jarmusch directed films available for streaming.

On Netflix:

On Huluplus: